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Philips OEM FRx/OnSite/HS1 AED Replacement 4-Year Battery

  • 4 year warranty and 5 year shelf life
  • Typically last 4 years installed in the device for a "ready to use" condition while running vital self tests 
  • Manufacturer recommends a backup battery to be stored with the device 
  • The Philips HeartStart M5070A defibrillator battery has the capacity to deliver a minimum of 200 shocks or 4 hours of patient monitoring

Philips FRx/OnSite/HS1 AED Replacement Battery M5070A

SKU: M5070A
  • When a low battery is detected, the unit will start chirping and the status indicator will change from the ready-for-use state to a low battery state.  If a battery is installed before the "install by" date, a user can expect about 4 years in stand-by mode.  We recommend purchasing a back up battery to be stored in the case with the AED to ensure it is always ready for a rescue.

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